As a new business, and one which we hope will be around for a number of years yet, we are taking a look at our practices, this year and looking at what steps we can take to reduce our impact on the world and become more sustainable. They may be small changes but we hope to make a difference one chenne turn at a time. 

  • Firstly, we have chosen an energy supplier for our store which commits to sourcing 100% renewable energy and when we are ready to reopen, we will replace our standard bulbs with LEF equivalents wherever possible for lower energy use
  • We have introduced a pre-order system for new lines or sizes. This allows us to engage in smart stocking, checking our markets and gauging interest before over stocking products, results in us producing less surplus stock
  • Where possible we will source organic or recycled garments. This is particularly achievable in our t-shirts range and we will continue to expand this where possible
  • Whilst we offer our local delivery service during the lockdown, journeys will be minimised by route planding and set days for delivery once or twice per week.
  • All of our packaging will be recyclable/ compostable with minimal to no plastic use.

With every order we receive, we commit to planting one tree 🌲

Giving a little back

  • Finally, we have sourced a PVC free vinyl which we will start to use in our next batch of garments to brand. This will make our printed branding more eco friendly